Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hope is a feelings of an exception and desire for a certain things that happen to someone. Also Hope can mean different things in life hope is a word that anybody can have in life. It helps them going and going until they want to give up in life. Hope comes from an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes and realistic attainable goals in some situation is probably more difficult. My family give me hope because they can always believe in me that i can do things without help from someone and that i can also have a positive attitude when i am doing these things. My friends give me hope because i can always believe in them that they will always be there for me and will always have my back no matter whats happens to me or to them. Dreams can threaten hope because you might want to do those things in life but then realize that you can't do those things so you are just like if hope made my dream not come true then why i am here if i can't follow my dreams and just life without hope.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Social Justice

I think it is important to value social justice because people don't know how much it can change a person life or let go all their pain that they have inside them and realized that they are the same person even if they have experience something that happened to them in the social justice. I think that sexual assault, rape, suicide are prevalent issue that we have today in the world because people may have one of these things in their life that was done by someone who they don't know or may people that they are relate to them in their life. I think that sexual abuse is the main one that concerns me the most because people can live with sexual abuse in their life as they grow into they don't remember what happened to them when they were younger and when they are older. I learned from the ted talk how we talk about sexual assault online is that we shouldn't determined the incident that people cause them to lose faith in the solidarity in the community or in the humanity as a whole. That people will not ingrain or submit media as an active tool for social justice or as a tool to educate, simulate dialogues and to make those in position of authority aware of the issue and by listening to those who are affected by sexual assault. In the ted talk social justice is it still relevant in the 21st century. I learned that one in four women in this country at some point in their lives are impact by violence or assault by someone they share an inmate relationship with a current or former boyfriend or husband one in four who has in impact by violence or assault. In the united states today that three women are murdered every single day by their husband or boyfriend or by someone they share an inmate relationship with therefor every women that is murdered seem like a problem to everyone. I also learned that we heard about rape and sexual assault on college campuses and that the white house estimates that one out of five women who attend college are impacted by sexual harassment assaulter and it is one out of five every female students who are impacted by these things on college campuses.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Dan Gilbert explained in his ted talk ''the Surprising Science of Happiness'' asked why are we happy? The answer to that question is we are happy because some days people might be involved in an impact bias sate of mind and think i am going to d this and do that because it is going to benefit me and my life. Synthetic and a real happiness are completely different because synthetic happiness is what we create on our own happiness and how it is a mental immune system, also synthetic happiness is what we make when we do not get what we really want. A real happiness is something that happens when we get what we really wanted. ''there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so'' that means nothing is bad ad nothing is good, it is what you about it that makes it the way it is. If you think something is bad you'll have a bad mindset and you wont like it so therefore, you will not appreciate it, but if you have an open mind about it then you will appreciate it more and will not take everything for granted. some people think it is so easy so they don't value the things that make them feel and the things that they are going through. I learned the differences between real happiness and synthetic happiness. It can really show me that the difference can actually make a difference and sometimes is bad and most the time its good.

Friday, January 20, 2017


My family makes me happy because they been by my side through out my whole life.They have been helpful with my school work and my family problems.They have also made my life happy because I am amazing daughter that they had in their life. Happiness is when someone is happy that they get to live their life. It also means that someone is happy because they like living their life it can tell another person that they have something in their lives that makes them happy. It is very important to us because we will never be happy in life because someone can always mess up our mood. They can mess up our mood by saying something mean to hurt someones feelings and that how it can mess up our mood. The secret of getting happiness is that happy people do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do and what they don't do. Sometimes people dwell on their past, and on things that went wrong or previous failures. People don't dream about an idealized future that doesn't exist or worry about what hasn't happened yet. Happy people live for the now and they have a positive mind set. Happiness can be learned, but finding meaning and a purpose in life is what leads to it, not the other ways around. Happy people get things off their chest, their motto is that to get rid of it, or it will get rid of you. People shouldn't compare their self with other people, its important not to worry about what other people think about us and then we can truly be yourself. If people want to be happier, they would have to developed an outgoing social personality. The best way for people is to savor pleasure is in their company of other people and build a richer social life with people.

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Power of Passion and Perseverance

It matters because the talent and the IQ of students who have taken the IQ test and score really good on it. But without effort they are simply the promise of whats possible and not the guarantee. I know that my sister has demonstrates this quality of the power of passion and perseverance during her talent and during her IQ test score. Some of the examples I have seen people with passion and perseverance in there daily lives and they go throughout their days with these two type of things. People who play a sport might want to think about Passion while they are playing on the court or on the field. They might feel like they don't want to use these so they just think about something else and they get through it in their lives. I have a passed when My IQ score were bad because i have been to different school and my education was messed up so they had to get my back on tract so I was scoring really grades on my IQ test. They have said in the pass I wouldn't make it through first grades if i don't score a hundred on my IQ test that I wouldn't pass any of my classes and I wouldn't be able to do my homework because i didn't know what to do.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stereotypes And Misconceptions

One situation that I misperceived someone when they were wearing high waist short with a crop top shirt and I said why are you wearing that and she said it is none of your business why and I was like I am just trying to help you because she shouldn't have been wearing it at school. When I was helping her out she got mad at me because I said it in front of the whole school so they can know that i was talking to her and not anyone else. Other one Is when I was helping out my cousin because she was wearing some really short shorts and I told her not to be wearing those and she got mad at me because I told to be wearing those because there are someone really bad guys who will take you and don't turned you back to your mom and she got mad at me for saying that to her I was like okay i am just trying to help her out but okay you don't want my help. One more situation when I misperceived others when I was really mad because of my parents and I took it out all on my friends I felt really bad from them because all I did was treat them bad because I was mad at my parents and I took it all out on my friends. So I felt like that they didn't like that day but it was okay because they still like me from this day so i am fine I don't have to worry about it.

Mikaylas Mini Precis

David Paul Strohecker in the article, Tattoos tell my real story, argues that he is a very artist intelligent man who express his personal life. He also express why he has so many tattoos on his body. Strohecker supports his claim by explaining how his tattoos tells his real story about him because many people ask why do so many people like a lot of tattoos on their body because they might have many memories of their loves one or may be because they have they have somethings that make them feel happy or may because they like having so many tattoos on their bodies. Also because it can be told by different meaning in their life and in other people lives to. It express how he explain his tattoos because it means a lot about his child life when growing up. Also it tells how he was expressing his tattoos about his personal life and meanings for something or someone in his life. The authors purpose is to point out that he is one amazing person to have all of these tattoos and to be very intelligent to a lot of tattoos on his body and it explains how it might relate to his tattoos in order to David. There might be some people who feel that they don't feel comfortable to tell how they have so many tattoos in their bodies. But sometimes people feel discourage when they see people with that many tattoos on their bodies. But I have to say that David Strohecker is one person that I believe because he might change someone life because no one can pull off tattoos like him because he is very amazing man to have a lot of tattoos on his bodies.